Flautas de pico Ganassi, Paul RichardsonThese instruments are made following the criteria and plans of Ganassi sopranos/altos the recorder number C8522, that is in the museum in Vienna. I have had the opportunity to see and hear this recorder on various occasions and it still sounds fantastic, in spite of the fact that it has a large split in its head plus there is considerable damage to the labium.

The fundamental characteristic of this instrument is, a rather large interior diameter with its corresponding flare at the bottom. This type of inverse conical shape helps to produce a range of two octaves and a sixth while maintaining a powerful lower register.

These recorders are very versatile, and can blend in with a renaissance consort but where they really stand out is in the role of virtuosity.

By making use of the cylindrical bore, I offer not only a copy of the original made in one piece but also the possibility of having one head with one or two extra bodies which allows the player to have two or three different instruments pitched at (466 hz. 440 hz. and 415 hz.) with both the sopranos and the altos.

Ganassi soprano. Fernando Paz. “Una Pantera” Johannes Ciconia (ca.1370-1412)- Preformed in 2001 by the ensamble Tritonus: Patricia Paz sopran, Ernesto Schmied recorder, José Leonardo Luckert vihuelas and David Mayoral percussion.