These copies are made of boxwood from the Pyrenees mountains (Buxus Sempervirens).


The soprano that I make is a copy of the Terton in 415 hz., based on the instrument adorned in silver that is found in the Haags Gemeentemuseum . It is very well preserved and offers stable low notes and a very agile middle and upper register.


Denner Alto - Paul RichardsonJacob Denner (1681-1735) He was a German woodwind instrument maker that came from a family of instrument makers of recorders, flutes. oboes and clarinets. (See my atricule.)

I make this recorder using the plans of the instrument in the Musikhistorisk Museum in Copenhagen, which has the following qualities: clarity, brillance and agility. It is ideal for music by Telemann, Bach or Vivaldi which can demand of the performer extreme technical dexterity in the upper and middle register. Pitch 415 hz.

It is available with modern or the origina fingering and with doubles or singles holes. I also offer on request, imitation ivory mounts by coping another original recorder by Denner.

Peter Bressan (1663-1731) who lived in both England and France, is considered by many to be the Stratavarius of recorder makers. Having been able to play and measure this instrument, which is in the Oxford museum, I chose it to copy because of its highly expressive intonation and amazing flexibility. It is very well suited for the Handel sonatas and similar music that require an expressive tonal range especially in the lower register. Pitch 415 hz.

Alto in 440 hz. This model is based loosely on the Denner instrument.


Thomas Stanesby (ca.1668-1734) He was a famous maker of oboes and recorders who lived in London. This model is a copy from the Frans Bruggen collection and it offers rich overtones with a solid, robust and resonant lower register. Alto pitched in 415 hz.

Voice Flute

This Denner Voice Flute is pitched in d’ at 415 hz. This copy from the Germanisches Nationalmuseum in Nuremberg has remarkably easy and agile high notes with a warm dark tone throughout the whole range.


Sonata nº 4 op.5…A. Corelli (Adagio,Allegro-Adagio,Vivace,Adagio,Allegro). Preformed in 2006 by Mº Ángeles Barrallo “Denner alto recorder”, Delia Manzano “clave” y Eva Rodríguez “violonchelo”.

Sarabande Le Depart de la Quatrième Suite de J.Hotetterre le Romain. Trudy Grimbergen, Voice flute de Paul Richardson, Begoña Serna, Clave. Registered on May 10, 2013 during the concert of chamber seminar ICES teachers Federico Moreno Torroba.

Sonata………Leclair. Voice Flute. Preformed by Serena Bellini.