A Short Presentation

Flautas de pico Paul RichardsonIn 1979, after finishing my studies in the Madrid Royal Conservatory, I founded the Aulos Quartet which has performed throughout North America and Europe. The experience of having played in the quartet for all these years has given me the possibility to orient my craftsmanship, as well as the follow-up service, in a direction towards the real needs of recorder players who are looking for quality instruments . In 1987, after having found the solutions to some of the most important aspects of recorder making under the auspicious guidance of Alec Loretto, I set up my workshop.

Each instrument is tested and played during enough time to insure that the need to revoice or reream will not be necessary except after years of playing. An element of major importance which should be considered when buying a new instrument, is the maker´s willingness to revoice, repair or readjust the instrument in the future. I always remind and assure recorder players that acquire my instruments that this basic aspect , which is often overlooked, is included in the purchase.

I especially enjoy giving personal attention to each recorder player concerning the selection of an instrument and always try to offer a selection of various recorders from which to choose to those that are able to visit my workshop.

Paul Richardson, Madrid (España)
email: prichardson888@gmail.com
Phone: (34) 91 4094726 – 647546670